About Us

From the experience of one person and her journey of being abused for years, through her series of encounters with statutory services at their ineffective worst, our charity emerged, formally registered, in 2016. Our founder and care Director Maxine Robinson, with a handful of friends and professional advisers, has built a highly regarded charitable incorporated organisation (CIO - registered number 1165986) where, in Nottingham, thanks to the Sherwood Community Centre, also a registered charity,  we have found a base to work from and to hold our meetings and personal development workshops. 

Our early work setting up the CIO,  based on Maxine's initial personal workshop model, was launched in this form in order to raise funds for the workshops to get off the ground on a sustainable basis.   All our staff, including Maxine and the Trustees, are volunteers: no-one started this enterprise in order to make money and every penny we raise goes into funding basic running costs and course materials. In addition to the thousands of pounds we have raised from philanthropic foundations, such as the Big Lottery,  and charities like the Greggs Family Foundation, Maxine's own endeavours have earned her many accolades including awards, such as the funds to initiate this very web site through CPO Ltd.

We work together to overcome the  damage and pain that has been inflicted on us, often by people that we were taught to trust the most. The path away from being "the victims" of perpetrators and "the subjects" of treatment, is through the development of our personal integrity as human beings. We act with respect, thoughtfulness and a common sense of purpose. We cherish and respect the freedom of each individual.

We recognise that real freedom is actually an inner capacity that can only be obtained by degrees according to the personal development of the individual. The striving for this capacity, and the corresponding personal development, can be greatly assisted through a study of our nature as individuals. And through a process of personal learning and development, achieved through the support of others on that path, we overcome fear and anxiety and achieve esteem for ourselves and others around us. Some are further ahead, some behind, but we are on the same path. We will not be "done to" by anyone acting in some other's name, but in our name. We will act together.

Any positive action you take, even a small one, can yield big results. It only takes the flame of one match to light a darkened room.

The hardest part for us all is seeking the help we all need, the hand that reaches out, not to push or pull, not to do things to you, but to let you know that we are on the same path, that we are linked by a common sense of purpose.

 That is "Support for Survivors".